Fly through
queues like a PRO

Superheroes don’t have to wait in queues, why should you? Skip them using Finito!

Automatic Selfcheckout app


Faster Selfcheckout app

Food & Breverage

Scan, pay, go selfcheckout app


Scan and Pay Smart checkout app


Smart Selfcheckout app


Faster selfcheckout scan, pay, go app


How It Works

Using Finito is as easy as counting to 3. Just open the app, SCAN, PAY and GO!

Scan, Pay go App


Simply pickup the product and scan the barcode on it.

Faster Payments selfcheckout app


Cash, card, wallets. We accept everything! Just pay the bill online or offline and you’re done.

Scan, Pay, Go selfcheckout app


Hooray! You just saved 15 minutes using Finito! No queues, easy life.

For Customers

Selfcheckout app


Finito is available on your mobile phone. Just pull out your phone, open the app and begin shopping! Super easy!


Pick up the product you want to buy, scan the barcode on it, pay, and that’s all!

POS Selfcheckout app
automatic selfcheckout app


With Finito, you’re done shopping as soon as you choose the product! GoFinito and fly past that queue like a superhero!

For Retailer

Selfcheckout app at retail stores
Fast selfcheckout app retail stores

Footfall Conversion

Convert more potential customers who leave during busy hours.

Faster payment selfcheckout app

Engage & Upsell

Offer your customers a better purchasing experience by personalized selling & better assistance.

selfcheckout scan, pay, go app

Theft Reduction

Your security systems smartly track and view contents of a sale.

Scan, pay, Go app

Insigts & Analytics

Drive better business decisions by understanding your customers better.

Scan, pay, go app

360° CRM Engine

Engage with customers better with a smarter feedback engine, personalized discounting & more.

Retail industry selfcheckout app

Multi Store & Omni Channel Ordering

Manage multiple outlets, warehouses & accept multi-channel orders real-time.

point of sale Selfcheckout app retail store

Mobile POS

Power your floor staff with seamless mobile POS & greatly reduce costs on a billing kiosk.

Faster payment at retail store selfcheckout app

Flexible Payment

Offer your customers a delightful shopping experience with multiple modes of payment.

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